Nine ways an MBA can help you grow personally and professionally, and in ways you may never have imagined

An MBA is more than just three letters you can place behind your name on a resume. It’s a signal of ambition and skill to a current or future employer. And maybe even more meaningful, it's a sign of personal endurance and accomplishment.

Whether you have a traditional business background or are looking to transition into the business world, an MBA can bolster you on your career trajectory with the skills, exposure and network you need to take the next step — and the many steps after that.

1) Professional Development

An MBA has long been seen as a guaranteed path to advancement and greater earning potential. While this may be accurate, it’s important to examine some of ways it can help you professionally beyond a resume enhancement.

2) Move past your functional role

If you’ve spent years honing your skills in one industry or job, but are stuck in a rut, you could benefit from a broader view of how businesses operates. To gain a seat at the table where big decisions are being made, you’ll need to speak the language of business.

3) Gain a strong business foundation

One of the key pillars to any MBA program is a curriculum that gives you a varied toolkit of business skills. Once you complete the program, you’ll have a solid footing in finance, accounting, human resources, management, ethics, leadership and change management. And an invaluable piece of the MBA experience is the capstone project that brings all of these skills together so you can use them to solve a business challenge alongside a group of peers.

4) Change your path

Whether you’re looking to move into a leadership role, shift careers completely, or start your own business, an MBA can give you the background you need to pursue a variety of goals. If you’re seeking job security, an MBA can ensure you have the skills the market demands so you can confidently shift to any role you aspire to.

5) Expand your global view

Most MBA programs give you a window into how international business relationships are structured. You may study global corporations, solve an international business challenge or work with classmates from different countries or cultures. Gaining this type of knowledge expands your worldview and gives you the perspective you need to see issues from different angles.

6) Personal Development

Many people think if they didn’t do well in math, don’t have the prerequisites they believe they’ll need or don’t have supervisory experience, they won’t get into an MBA program. Subsequently, feeling like you are lacking in these areas can also diminish your confidence to tackle business challenges. Earning your MBA is more accessible than you may believe.

7) Prepare for the future

Your undergraduate training has likely prepared you for working in your industry, but not necessarily for your job or your career path. If you’ve ever asked yourself “what’s next?” and wondered how you will get there, an MBA may be your answer. Not only does it give you functional skills like finance, operations and marketing, but it can also help you solve problems strategically and give you a framework for addressing challenges for years to come.

8) Develop your relationships

Throughout the leadership development piece of your MBA program, you’ll gain self-awareness and knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses. As you work to overcome personal barriers and clear roadblocks, you’ll open up a path to stronger relationships with yourself and others.

9) Find new perspective

An MBA program gives you so much more than three little letters. It’s a process that breaks down your usual ways of thinking to give you new perspectives. It challenges you to manage your time and gives you exposure to different ways to make decisions. And throughout the process of building your network, you’ll gain trusted friendships that will last long after your next promotion.

Holy Family University offers you the opportunity to earn an MBA in multiple formats. If you're ready to learn what's possible for the next stage of your career, find out more about our accelerated MBA, Online MBA, MBA for new professionals or Online MBA for new professionals.

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