Why 2022 may be the best possible year to pursue your MBA

By the time things start to get back to “normal” you can be better credentialed and poised to advance with an MBA from Holy Family University. The current environment of sustained uncertainty has forced many to examine their priorities and make adjustments - some minor like ordering groceries online, and some life-altering like pivoting your career. If being stuck at home has given you a renewed sense of purpose for the things that are important in your life, your career path may be one of the areas where you’re looking to make a change.

You may love your current industry, organization or job and be looking to increase your salary and advance into a leadership role. Or, you may have realized that you want to pivot into a new industry, organization or job. Maybe you’re even considering starting your own business where you can make an even greater impact. Whatever your recent reflections have revealed about your career ambitions, pursuing an MBA now can help you take structured action and create a roadmap to achieve your future goals.

A path to succeed in an uncertain market

When the pandemic first hit, many organizations immediately shifted toward risk mitigation. Several months later, many operations are still in maintenance mode. But don’t mistake that for less opportunity. While the market has seemingly hit the pause button, you can be quietly working behind the scenes to upscale your skills and position yourself for growth. By the time things start to get back to “normal” you’ll be better credentialed and poised to advance.

A framework to develop new skills

Regardless of your industry or position, the past year has required you to develop new skills. You’ve collaborated in different ways, used strategic thinking to solve problems you never imagined and dealt with ambiguity at every turn. Maybe you’re a leader that’s been challenged to bring your team together virtually, or you’ve been catapulted into a leadership role where you’ve had to adapt quickly. You may even be thriving under pressure and looking to become a leader so you can take on new responsibilities.

Since the market has pivoted indefinitely toward a cycle of constant change, these demands aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, obtaining a framework that can help you address new challenges is going to be critical for success (and survival) in the coming months and years—and it’s exactly what an MBA can offer you.

And just as you have adapted to this cycle of change, Holy Family did not miss a beat in this past year. Our Center for Teaching and Learning provided a three-pronged approach for faculty training, and this investment in faculty supported the transition to the fully online environment quickly and seamlessly.

Through the MBA experience, you’ll learn how to transform negative situations into positive outcomes. You’ll develop yourself personally and professionally so you can handle anything that comes your way. With an MBA, you’ll not only gain the expertise you need to interact at a high level through courses like finance, operations and marketing, but you’ll also gain soft skills like management, self-awareness and leadership that are critical to succeeding in business today.

Increased accessibility

Now is the time that Holy Family’s MBA program is the most accessible to you. Not only is the Holy Family MBA one of the most affordable MBA programs in the region, with online and blended options, but the barriers to enrolling in our MBA program are only one step away:

  • No GMAT required
  • No recommendations required
  • No Undergraduate business degree required
  • No supervisory experience required
  • No application fee when you speak with a recruiter

to learn how nicely our MBA options can match up with your needs and aspirations.

Holy Family University offers you the opportunity to earn an MBA in multiple formats. If you're ready to learn what's possible for the next stage of your career, find out more about our accelerated MBA, Online MBA, MBA for new professionals or Online MBA for new professionals.

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